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Super Nova ready for homecoming

Island concert: singer-songwriter Heather Nova will play in Bermuda this month (Photograph supplied)

After playing more than 50 gigs across Europe and North America, singer-songwriter Heather Nova has decided it is time to bring the show home.

“I’m sure it’s the same for every artist — playing your home town feels more important than New York, London and Berlin thrown together,” Ms Nova told The Royal Gazette.

“It’s personal, and you naturally want to give your very best back to your community.”

The concert, set for September 30 at the Ruth Seaton James Auditorium, comes with an array of instruments backing the three-piece band.

“We keep it interesting,” she said.

“My musicians are from the cream of the crop on the London music scene and we have toured together for many years, so we have a great rapport on stage.”

The show comes with a nod to the Chewstick Foundation, which had its headquarters destroyed in the Front Street fire over the summer. Part of the proceeds from the early wine bar will go to helping the charity rebuild.

“What happened to them after so much hard work creating their new space was devastating,” Ms Nova said. “Chewstick is such a fantastic and very needed organisation.

“The arts are fundamental to a healthy community. Self-expression and imagination infuse our lives with richness and meaning. It’s encouraging to see how much people have rallied round and pitched in to help Chewstick.

“We all need to support them as much as possible. They give our creative young people a truly supportive environment to hone their talents and explore their ideas.”

With the easy availability of songs through technology, the songstress said she found it remarkable that people continue to be drawn to live gigs.

“They still need the human connection — the communal event. I’ve found that people respond emotionally to our concerts; it seems to stir something up in them, in a positive way.

“There is an energy and a presence that can’t be duplicated. It is always a unique experience that everyone in the room is sharing in together, and I love that magic.”

Ms Nova, who released her ninth studio album last year, considers herself lucky to still make music for a living when so many contemporaries are less fortunate.

She credits her endurance in part to the touring, along with taking creative risks.

“Our show is unique, and I can say that without being egotistical, because although it’s my songs and my voice, the music we are creating in that moment transcends it being about any one person,” she said.

“The feeling and emotion and energy of everyone there creates a happening that is special. There is a lot of dynamic and intensity to our shows without it being full-on rock music.

“I’m always blown away by the stories people tell me about what my songs have meant in their lives. But what they don’t realise is that they are giving something to me too.

“In sharing that part of themselves, in participating in the process of giving and receiving music they encourage me to keep writing and recording and touring. It’s quite humbling and beautiful. And everyone wins.”

•Tickets for the concert are $65, or $40 for under-18’s, and available through www.ptix.bm.