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Bermudian in UK died from smoke inhalation

Tragic consequences: an inquest in Britain has found that the death last year of 25-year-old Tahira Baker was because of accidental causes (Photograph supplied)

Tahira Baker, a 25-year-old Bermudian woman who lost her life to a fire last year in Britain, is believed to have died in her bath after breathing in carbon monoxide, an inquest heard.

Ms Baker, 25, died in her Sheffield flat on September 23, 2015, after a candle started a fire in her front room, according to The Sheffield Star.

Philip Lumb, a pathologist, told the inquest that an autopsy showed evidence of drowning and smoke inhalation.

Fire investigation officer Graham Toms told the inquest that the blaze had spread swiftly after fabric came in contact with the naked candle flame.

Towels were found on the bathroom floor, which could have been placed in an attempt to block smoke, while marks on the bathroom door showed that it had been opened during the fire and then closed.

Mr Toms said the Ms Baker may have opened the door in an attempt to get out.

“Carbon monoxide can have very quick debilitating effects on the body,” he said. “I have ingested smoke and it does have a very quick effect. If she staggered backwards, she may have fallen back into the bath.”

Ms Baker was described by neighbours as a “normal, happy” person with an untroubled history, and the inquest heard there was no evidence of suicide or foul play. Louise Slater, the assistant coroner, ruled it an accidental death.