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BEST group revamps website

BEST has launched a new website as it revamps its identity.

The group says its new site is more responsive and informative, and easier for people to navigate resources and progress on the physical, social and economic environments in Bermuda.

“Most importantly, we wanted to help the community to get to know us better and make it easier to participate in a sustainable future for Bermuda,” the group said in a statement.

“Take a look around the new website and we think you’ll get a very good idea of who we are and the critical work we do.”

Chief advocacy officer Stuart Hayward stated: “Our website is a two-way channel for communication with our BEST friends, volunteers and clients.

“Through the site we share our research, give access to our publications and articles, alert the public to issues, and provide guidance for tackling public environmental issues.

“It is also a way for members of the public to ask us questions, join in conversations and donate time or funds.

“We are especially proud of our resources section designed to steer members of the public to the individuals or agencies who can provide solutions to environmental problems they are experiencing.”

The new website was custom- designed and built locally by Bermudian designer and web developer Sebastian Matcham through his new company Subtropik.

Mr Matcham said: “They sought me out to replace their ageing Joomla site with a more effective tool.

“Additionally, we reworked the BEST brand identity to create a modern, friendly, easily recognisable brand mark and a striking Bermuda-based colour palette.”

Kim Smith, project co-ordinator at BEST said: “It’s not always possible to know where one’s supporters are and so, as a critical tool for reflecting the work and spirit of BEST and to provide a link to those who share our interest in striving for a sustainable Bermuda for future generations, we invested in the update of the BEST website. We hope the new site inspires interest and energy to join us in preserving our island home.”

Visit the new website at www.best.org.bm