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Law firm presents $10,000 award

From left, Delroy Duncan, Director (Litigation), Keeka Simons, Shirley D Simmons

Keeka Simons has been granted the Shirley D Simmons Award worth $10,000 from law firm Trott & Duncan.

Ms Simons, who has been an employee of the company since 2009, will be pursuing a master’s degree in law in London.

According to the company, Ms Simons was chosen because she typifies the spirit of the award as she completed her studies, while working full-time and fulfilling her role as a mother to her son.

“Keeka’s commitment, dedication and high professional standards will no doubt serve her well academically and professionally,” the company added.

Ms Simons started working at Trott & Duncan as a legal assistant, most recently in the matrimonial department.

She obtained her Graduate Degree in Law from the University of Law in London this summer.