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Students invited to take part in Energy Challenge

Rubis Managing Director Graham Redford (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Local students have been asked to provide “innovative solutions” to the challenges Bermuda faces for energy production and consumption.

Sustainable Energy Challenge, backed by the Department of Energy and sponsored by Rubis, is open to both individuals and teams.

“Solutions could range from maximising the utilisation of existing power sources to the development of new methods for producing sustainable energy, or they could address conservation through simple methods of cutting back on power consumption through conservation or green building methods,” said a Government statement.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative is conducting the Challenge as a part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The top entries, as decided by a panel of industry experts, will be awarded prizes including a pool of $1,500 educational grants.

Graham Redford, managing director of Rubis Energy Bermuda Ltd, said: “As a global energy company with strong Bermuda ties, we recognise the issues that all countries face when trying to transition to a more sustainable infrastructure.

“The UN estimates that by the year 2050, the global population will have increased to nine billion, all of whom should have equitable access to food, water, shelter, education and healthcare.

“It is easy to think that as a small island, we are immune to the challenges that larger countries face, but we have a responsibility to the global community in which we operate to change the way in which we live, work and play.

“We hope that by sponsoring this challenge, we will inspire our young adults to try and develop the ideas and technologies that help change how we impact our local footprint, how we deliver better value to our customers and how we develop a plan for a more sustainable Bermuda.”

The Challenge was launched today with a submission deadline of November 1. All submissions must be an ‘electronic storyboard’, either a PowerPoint or video presentation. The top finishers will be presented at the Global Entrepreneurship Week’s Celebration of innovation and Entrepreneurship on the November 17.

“We must reconsider the way we think about energy, the way we use energy, the way we purchase energy and the way we source it — and it’s essential that younger Bermudians be involved in this process,” said the minister of economic development Grant Gibbons. “We look forward to receiving the submissions to the Sustainable Energy Challenge activity and capturing the imagination of young Bermudians on the concept of sustainability.

“When we speak of sustainability, we should do so in the widest possible terms. That is the sustainability of our environment, the sustainability of our people and the sustainability of our economy.”

Guidelines and entry forms may be downloaded from Rubis Bermuda’s website, http://www.rubis-bermuda.com/SustainableEnergyChallenge.

Questions may be addressed by e-mail to: bdasustainablechallenge@outlook.com