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Traditional Austrian welcome for musician

Welcome back: Katarina Amann Hoskins, Austrian Consul, greets Arnulf Linder, a multi-instrumentalist from Vienna, at the airport ahead of Friday night’s concert (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Upon landing in Bermuda on Monday night, Viennese multi-instrumentalist Arnulf Lindner enjoyed a surprise traditional welcome from his homeland.

Katarina Hoskins, the island’s Austrian Honorary Consul, donned a dirndl dress at LF Wade International Airport to greet Mr Lindner, who will perform with his longtime collaborator Heather Nova this weekend. “It was funny and I really liked it. I asked Katarina if she was challenging my patriotism,” joked the London-based musician, who flew in from Gatwick Airport.

Mr Lindner has played upwards of 300 shows with Bermudian singer-songwriter Ms Nova since they first joined forces in 2009 — playing the cello, piano, electric guitar and bass, as well as providing backing vocals.

This Friday night, they will play a one-off concert at the Ruth Seaton James Centre for the Performing Arts, with a percussionist rounding out the three-person line-up.

When asked about the longevity of their musical partnership, Mr Lindner said that the pair shared similar tastes in music and art. “When we talk about our favourite songs and albums, they’re very often the same — and we have the same favourite film, Magnolia,” he added.

“It feels very natural and there’s an understanding between us.”

Ms Hoskins explained her decision to welcome Mr Lindner wearing traditional Austrian dress. “When I found out that my predecessor, the late Oskar Levnovski, greeted Arnulf wearing lederhosen when he last arrived in Bermuda, I wanted to continue this gesture,” she said.

“I also believe it’s important to recognise musicians and artists as their talent, hard work and achievement can sometimes go unappreciated.

“I wish Heather, Arnulf, and the rest of their performers all the best for their concert on Friday, and hope that some of Bermuda’s Austrian residents will go along and show their support.”

Tickets available at www.ptix.bm