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Graffiti will cost taxpayers $4,000

Still on the loose: the police have yet to find the culprit of last month’s graffiti spree

The latest spate of anti-government and homophobic graffiti cost $4,000 of taxpayers’ money to clean up, the Ministry of Public Works has revealed.

The new daubings were spotted last weekend after similar slurs were sprayed at locations across Devonshire and Pembroke in August and September.

Among the three parishes affected this time were North Street, Fort Hamilton Drive, Blackwatch Pass and North Shore Road in Pembroke; Old Military Road and Dock Hill in Devonshire; and Naval Tanks Hill in St George’s, as well as Government House. The graffiti contained offensive sentiments including the exhortation “Kill Fahy”, referring to Senator Michael Fahy, the Minister of Tourism, Transport and Municipalities and former home affairs minister.

When asked by The Royal Gazette how much it cost to remove the markings, the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Public Works confirmed that the bill was approximately $4,000.

She added: “Cleaning and power-washing of bus shelters varies between $350 and $450 each, depending on whether they need to be painted, which costs an additional $150.”

Michael Dunkley, who was similarly targeted, called the graffiti “hateful vandalism (which) has absolutely no place in our society”.

The Premier added: “I strongly condemn such vile, disrespectful and threatening language.”

One Bermuda Alliance chairwoman Lynne Woolridge also denounced the “venom-laced propaganda”, adding: “The OBA views these activities as criminal threats that attempt to instil fear among our elected officials, their families and other members of our community.”

The Progressive Labour Party likewise criticised the graffiti.

A joint statement from Walter Roban, the shadow public safety minister, and PLP MP Diallo Rabain said: “While many Bermudians have become frustrated, disenchanted and even angered with the OBA’s approach on many issues, antisocial behaviour and derogatory slurs against the LGBT community are not the way to express dissatisfaction or disagreement.

“We condemn this without reservation. We encourage all of Bermuda to seek more lawful and productive ways to participate in the political process.”

The Bermuda Police Service are continuing their investigation into the matter. Anyone with any information is asked to call 295-0011.