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Trust backs Throne Speech initiatives

Devon Springs Recycling Plant (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

The Bermuda National Trust has welcomed environmental and heritage-based initiatives outlined in this week’s Throne Speech.

President William White praised the Government’s plans to develop a National Heritage Policy and threw the Trust’s support behind plans to replace the Devon Springs Recycling Plant with a playground.

“As the primary advocate for Bermuda’s built heritage and as the custodian of perhaps Bermuda’s largest collection of artefacts, we look forward to consultations on this vital initiative and support all efforts which help to build a greater understanding of our collective heritage,” he said.

The National Trust also backed proposals for a Green Paper to reduce the use of plastics on the island and further initiatives to reduce invasive species like Lionfish and illegal fishing around Bermuda.

Mr White said he hoped that widespread consultation would take place as part of the Government’s plans to grow the beach economy.

“We hope that environmental advocates will be involved in consultations to ensure that maintaining Bermuda’s reputation for having pristine beaches is balanced against the need for growth in tourism,” Mr White said.