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Smaller contractors left ‘high and dry’

An unnamed local contractor’s last big job was in 2000, installing new tombs in a graveyard (File photograph)

Bermuda’s small and medium-sized contractors are sinking financially as larger companies swallow their work, one professional has claimed.

The certified contractor, who asked not to be named, said his longstanding struggle to secure employment had left him “trying to survive on a daily basis”.

He said: “I’m making less than $1,000 a month. Much of that goes towards bills, which doesn’t leave much to buy food.”

The contractor, who began his career by landscaping in 1973, added that he regularly resorted to eating free meals provided by goodwill organisations such as the Salvation Army.

The Devonshire resident said that he was hamstrung by not being able to afford his own vehicle, meaning that he could only find work such as painting and cleaning in his own community.

“I have a friend that picks me up and takes me and my tools to nearby locations, but I can’t keep using him,” he said.

He urged the Government, businesses and the general public to consider hiring small and medium-sized local contractors, instead of picking major firms from either from Bermuda or abroad.

“I’m trying not only to help myself but other certified contractors as well, as I know they’re having financial difficulties, too,” he said.

“Just remember, small and medium-sized businesses keep a country’s economy alive.”

The contractor said that his last big job was in 2000, when he installed 30 new tombs in a Warwick graveyard.

“I’ve been bidding on work,” he said. “My bids have been pretty good and I’ve been getting close, but not close enough.

“Even one big job would put me on my feet, but I need a vehicle.”

To hire the contractor or invest in his business, send a letter to PO Box HM 1481, Hamilton HM FX.