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Couple’s love for Bermuda survives accident

Pull of paradise: Bermuda still appeals to a Maryland couple, despite being knocked down by a taxi

A Maryland couple are planning their 58th trip to Bermuda next spring, despite being struck by a taxi on their most recent visit here.

John Dickie, 80, expressed surprise at the lack of news he and his wife Virginia had heard from the Bermuda Police Service since the incident in Hamilton on October 26.

“It’s disappointing. I’m curious to know if there’s a police report,” he added.

On the night of the accident, Mr and Mrs Dickie had finished dinner at the Hog Penny pub, and were heading towards their shared rental cycle at about 8.30pm to drive back to the Coco Reef hotel.

When the signal turned green at the crossing on Front Street next to Burnaby Street, the retired couple walked hand-in-hand across the road — only to be knocked down by a taxi heading west.

Two police officers arrived at the scene shortly after.

“We were stunned but we were conscious, and I heard the driver acknowledge having struck us,” said Mr Dickie.

An ambulance took the couple to the emergency room of the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where staff diagnosed Mrs Dickie, 78, with a fractured left ankle.

Although Mr Dickie had a head abrasion and a sore left knee, he was released after about an hour. The couple were scheduled to head home on October 31, but ended up flying out of Bermuda on November 10 due to Mrs Dickie’s hospital stay and other complications.

Mr Dickie explained that he and his wife first visited the island in 1962 on their honeymoon.

Their second trip to Bermuda wasn’t for another 25 years, but they have returned twice annually since — usually coming in March and October.

“We like Bermuda. It’s close and convenient, and we have friends here,” he said.

When asked if the incident had affected his view of the island, Mr Dickie replied: “Not really. We plan to come back in March assuming we’re fit, and I’m sure we will be.

“But I would like to find out why there has been no mention of this accident.”

A BPS spokesman said: “I can confirm that police officers attended the scene, filed a report and immediately commenced enquiries into the circumstances of the incident. Those enquiries continue.”