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Fit for a king: Ethelbert is new year gift

Flavia Namazzi and Silverous Bakurumpagi, with their new baby Ethelbert (Photograph supplied)

Meet Ethelbert Bakurumpagi: Bermuda’s first baby of 2017.

Ethelbert was born at 10.41am yesterday to first-time parents Flavia Namazzi and Silverous Bakurumpagi, weighing in at 7lbs 8oz.

The couple, who are both accountants and managers at Ernst & Young, are from Uganda but have worked in Bermuda for about two years, and admitted being away from home made them nervous when contractions began.

Ms Namazzi said in a press release from Bermuda Hospitals Board: “It was scary most of the time not having our families and extended families around us.” But Mr Bakurumpagi said that Maternity Ward staff were warm and patient, adding: “The nurses here were great and they gave us all the attention.”

Ms Namazzi attended the ward on New Year’s Eve but staff advised the couple that the birth was likely quite a few hours away, so they left the ward at midnight and went home. Returning in the morning, the parents said the birth was quick.

“I can’t thank God enough and I thank Flavia, she was really great,” Mr Bakurumpagi said.

He said he named his son Ethelbert after the first king of England who converted to Christianity.

Ms Namazzi said: “He’s very peaceful and calm. Right now he should be sleeping but he’s lying there just looking at you.”