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Remembering your loved ones under a full moon

More than 100 people came together to remember their loved ones at a Memorial Moon Walk last night.

“It was a marvellous night,” Nicky Gurret, who helped organise the event with the Friends of Hospice, told The Royal Gazette.

She added that despite the moon coming up a little late it was a “magical night” of walking in the moonlight.

For Ms Gurret it was a chance to pay tribute to her father Edmond Gurret, a popular executive chef who died in 2012 aged 82.

Explaining how the walk came about, she said: “As a Friend of Hospice for Agape House, I wanted to help create another event that would capture the beauty of Bermuda and the beauty of friends and family that have passed away.

“I felt a walk in the full moonlight along a beach such as Chaplin Bay and Horseshoe Bay would capture the beauty of the loved ones who have passed away.”

She said she would be remembering her “beautiful father and several school friends that have passed away far too early in their life”.

Ms Gurret continued: “So I felt others may feel the same way about a walk in the moonlight along the beach.

“I am a person who has great esteem for our natural environment and believes Bermuda’s most beautiful asset, our beaches, are not used or revered enough.

“I thought what a beautiful thing to do would be to have a walk in the glory and serenity of a full moon along the beaches and trails to the sounds of waves gently lapping our pink sandy shoreline.”

Cathy Belvedere, executive director of Friends of Hospice, added: “We had about 120 to 130 people, which was really great, way more than we had anticipated.”

Ms Belvedere said there was a quiet atmosphere among the walkers, adding “you could feel people were really thinking about their loved ones”.

For Ms Belvedere it was an opportunity to reflect and remember and also to be with others who have lost their loved ones.

She lost her husband at Agape House 7½ years ago and said it had been a “rough year” with several other deaths among her family and friends.

After completing the walk, participants were able to light candles and take a quiet moment of reflection by the water. “It was really lovely,” Ms Belvedere said, adding that the event went so well and there was enough expression of interest for another walk that they will definitely be doing it again.

The walk took place from 7pm at Chaplin Bay in Warwick. All proceeds from the event will be used to provide programmes and services that enhance the quality of life for hospice patients and their families.