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Health Council launches video

The Health Council has launched a video explaining the importance of patient safety.

It coincides with the Patient Safety Laws, which will be debated in the House of Assembly this Friday.

Tawanna Wedderburn, CEO, said: “Bermuda has a phenomenal opportunity to enhance the quality of care through patient safety by implementing basic standards in health facilities, including standards for high risk medical equipment and financial transparency when delivering care.

“Similar standards have been implemented in many countries including Japan, US, Canada and the UK. It is important for Bermuda to take this progressive step to ensure that residents have access to quality care, a right that should be enjoyed by everyone.

“The Health Council invites the public to watch the video and learn more about how patient safety laws may affect you by visiting www.bhec.bm/patient-safety-laws. You will also learn more about: Stakeholder Consultation.”