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Lahey: We’re not going anywhere

The Lahey Clinic outside Boston, Massachusetts

Lahey Clinic has vigorously defended its reputation and practices in light of the lawsuit filed by the Bermuda Government in the United States.

Joanne Conroy, chief executive officer of Lahey Hospital & Medical Centre, said the Boston hospital had a “25-year track record of providing the highest-quality care to our patients in Bermuda, and we are not going anywhere”.

Ms Conroy continued: “We remain deeply committed to the people of Bermuda and we will continue to offer care to patients, both on the island and in Massachusetts.

“The 30 physicians from Lahey Hospital & Medical Centre that travel to Bermuda to provide care in the local community are eager to see their patients on their next trip to the island.

“The teams of doctors and nurses in Burlington are honoured to care for and support the patients and families from Bermuda who travel to Massachusetts for clinical care. We have reassured insurance providers on Bermuda that there will be no interruption in the services that we provide to our patients.

“We have been a part of the community of Bermuda for 25 years and we will continue to be there for all patients and families in need.”

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