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Saltus found guilty of Stovell murder

Lorenzo Stovell

A 28-year-old MOB gang member has been found guilty of the cold-blooded killing of Lorenzo Stovell.

Travonne Saltus was remanded in custody pending a Social Inquiry Report and sentencing after being convicted yesterday in the Supreme Court of murder and of using a firearm to commit the murder.

Mr Stovell was shot dead as he sat in a minibus parked across the road from Woody’s bar in Sandys in September 2012.

Saltus’s co-accused, Zakai Cann, was found not guilty of the same charges by a majority verdict after jury deliberations of more than six hours.

Earlier, Cordova Simons-Marshall, 26, was cleared of being an accessory after the murder and concealing an automatic pistol.

A jury found Saltus, said in court to be a member of gang Money Over Bitches, guilty by a verdict of 9-3 after a two-week trial.

The court heard during the trial that Mr Stovell, 24, was shot four times as he desperately tried to lunge for cover and died within a minute or two of the shooting.

Jurors were told that Mr Stovell had been with several female friends and family members on a party bus travelling across the island.

At about 10pm the bus parked across from Woody’s and Mr Stovell remained on board the bus.

Witness Troy Harris told investigating detectives that Saltus confessed to him that he had shot Mr Stovell just a few months after the murder.

Harris, who is now serving a prison sentence in England for assaulting a female, told police that Saltus had done it for “street cred” so that people wouldn’t talk down to him.

Saltus never took the stand to give his version of events.

He is expected to reappear before the courts at the next Supreme Court arraignment session in April.