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Hamilton docks ‘full to capacity’

Hamilton docks

Importers, forwarders and truckers are being encouraged to collect their goods quickly from Hamilton docks due to a “marked increase” in cargo volume.

Stevedoring Services Limited said in a press release that the increase over the last two weeks would continue for the next few months and the six-acres of space at Hamilton docks was full to capacity.

Warren Jones, CEO of Stevedoring’s parent company Polaris Holding, said: “We are pleased with our team’s consistent ability to discharge cargo from the weekly cargo vessels safely and efficiently for our customers. There has been no delay on that front. “However, due to the increased volume of cargo, we are at the limit of what can safely be held on the six acres of the Hamilton docks. Cargo is not being picked up in a timely manner, which creates a backlog of trucks over the course of the day as our machine operators have to navigate the aisles of stacked containers to extract the one which has been requested.

“Also exacerbating the situation is the high volume of break-bulk, cars, and boats, which in the limited space makes a dangerous working environment that much more hazardous. We encourage our clients to accurately complete paperwork and collect goods in a timely manner as we work to provide the best possible service to our residents and guests.”

Mr Jones said those picking up cargo should ensure Customs paperwork was correctly completed and submitted in advance and collect goods as soon as possible after arrival.

He said Stevedoring would provide late and weekend gate entry, as necessary, for access to cleared goods.

The company is unable to launch boats on days when cargo vessels are being worked on, so early arrangements must be made for the launching of boats on non-ship days. The Bermuda Marine and Ports’ weekly shipping schedules can be viewed on the Polaris Holding Company Facebook page.

Mr Jones said: “Please be patient when visiting the dock, understanding that we are attempting to work safely in extremely congested conditions.”