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Electric Twizys hit the road

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Twizy: Bermuda's first rental mini car. Pictured is Piers Carr, CEO of Current Vehicles, the company which rents the Twizy from the Hamilton Princess (Photograph by Sierra Correia)

Comparatively safe, quiet and easy to drive — they’re the “unique” new way for visitors to get about Bermuda.

Renault Twizy, the all-electric minicars, were officially on the road as of yesterday, and available for rent at Current Vehicles, a new company stationed at the Hamilton Princess.

The business hopes to expand and offer Twizys at the Fairmont Southampton and an East End hotel, CEO of Current Vehicles, Piers Carr, said at a press conference.

Mr Carr described the micro cars as “fully electric” and able to hold two passengers at a time.

The Twizy is easy to drive and nearly soundless, he said, providing tourists with a “unique driving experience” on the island.

He said that he was inspired to start the project while working during summer renting scooters to tourists and spotted a need for an alternative.

“Tourism is increasing and there’s a great outlook; we need a transportation option to match,” he said.

Designed by the Renault Sport Formula One Team, a division of Renault that designs and builds optimised engines, the micro cars are billed as a safe, independent driving option for visiting tourists.

They bring “the stability of four wheels and operate like a car”, Mr Carr continued.

Prices for renting are varied, however Mr Carr stated that it is $85 to rent one for a day, adding: “Weekdays are less than weekends; winter is less than summer.”

For bookings and more information, go to currentvehicles.com