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Minister talks trash to three-year-old

Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch gives a present to Stephen Smith

A three-year-old trash truck superfan got a surprise visit from Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch, the Minister of Public Works.

Colonel Burch visited the home of Stephen Smith — and gave him his own miniature version of a refuse vehicle.

The minister said yesterday: “I joined the crew who were the subject of the initial letter to present Stephen with a toy trash truck and book.

“We all were pleased to return the favour of brightening a little person’s day as he brightened ours.”

Valerie Smith, Stephen’s mother, said: “I am not into politics, but what he did made me laugh and smile.

“It really felt like a gesture from the heart.” Colonel Burch dropped in on Stephen last week after Ms Smith wrote a letter to The Royal Gazette about Stephen, who she said was obsessed with the “trash men”.

Ms Smith said: “He knows when it is Monday or Thursday, as he rushes to put the trash out.”

Ms Smith also praised the trash crews for taking the time to say hello to Stephen, even when they were hard at work late at night.