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Public warning about infant bath tubs

Parents are being warned about infant bath tubs after a host of new regulations were introduced in the United States to prevent drownings.

The Department of Consumer Affairs said new safety rules came into effect in the US on October 2.

As a result, it is illegal to sell infant bath tubs in the US made after that date if they do not meet the new standards, which include larger warning label and drowning warnings.

A consumer affairs spokeswoman said: “Between 2004 and 2015, there were 31 infant deaths associated with infant bath tubs reported to US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Thirty of the 31 deaths involved drowning when a caregiver was not present.

“Additionally, commission staff estimates that 2,300 infant bath tub-related injuries were treated in US hospital emergency departments during this same time period.”

Even with the new standards in place, parents are warned not to leave young children alone around water, even for a moment.

Parents should also keep young children within arms reach if they are in the bath tub

A spokeswoman said: “If you must leave, take the child with you. Don’t leave a baby or toddler in a bath tub under the care of another young child.”

Parents are also advised to learn CPR.