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Disgraced ex-teacher exposed in UK press

Matthew McGowan

A disgraced former Bermuda teacher has again made headlines in Britain.

The Daily Mail and The Sun published stories yesterday about Matthew McGowan’s marriage this summer to Aimee Bento, one of his former pupils at Warwick Academy.

Mr McGowan, who taught for three years at Warwick Academy, was banned from teaching this summer for an inappropriate relationship with a student at Wycombe Abbey school in Buckinghamshire.

A complaint about his conduct while a drama teacher at Wycombe Abbey was made in July and McGowan resigned from the school two months later.

Mr McGowan joined the Bermuda Police Service as a recruit last month, but was taken off the job after it was revealed the National College for Teaching and Leadership had banned him from teaching for life.

David Horan, principal at Warwick Academy, said McGowan was not suspected of any inappropriate behaviour during his time at the school.

Mr Horan said: “Warwick Academy is committed to the safeguarding of its students and has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to inappropriate relationships between students and members of staff.

“We can confirm that Mr McGowan was previously a teacher at Warwick Academy from 2007 to 2010, when he left the school at the natural conclusion of his three-year contract.

“While we are sorry to hear of his conduct at Wycombe Abbey School, following a review of our records, we can confirm that there is no evidence of inappropriate behaviour while Mr McGowan was a teacher at Warwick Academy.”

Sian Rees-Evans, executive assistant to the headteacher at Wycombe Abbey, meanwhile said the school was not aware of any relationship between Mr McGowan and any former students when he was hired in 2011.

The Mail Online also reported that an external review of Wycombe Abbey’s handling of Mr McGowan was carried out to see if mistakes were made.

The newspaper reported that the review found there had been “some failures” in response to concerns raised in the 2012-13 academic year.

The review said: “Some action had been taken at that time, but it had clearly not been enough to prevent Mr McGowan’s misconduct from occurring.”