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CedarBridge to lace up for breast cancer

CedarBridge staff ready to walk for breast cancer (photograph provided)

CedarBridge students will today take to their feet to fight breast cancer a year after the death of teacher Janet LePage.

The school will be holding the Wildcats Breast Cancer Two Mile Walkathon to support the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre’s radiation therapy initiative.

The issue of breast cancer is a personal one for the CedarBridge family.

Last year Mrs LePage, a personal care teacher, lost her battle with breast cancer.

And in 2014 LaVerne Eve, another staff member at the school, was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer.

A statement from the school said: “It had gone undetected until it physically manifested itself as a lump. Had she not undergone her regular screenings it would have never been discovered.

“After chemotherapy and radiation she won her battle with breast cancer and was cleared.

“Ms Eve’s daughter, Theresa Francis, says that getting tested is by far the best choice you can make for your life. For CedarBridge this is a charity that hits close to home and gives us the platform we need to fight for those we love.”

Students, staff and faculty are all set to walk for up to 30 minutes — around two miles — with their efforts streamed live on the school’s Facebook page.

The school said that the walk is scheduled to begin at 2.50pm, with S1 student Ezequiel Jiminez providing commentary.