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‘Soundtrack of peace’ to tackle violence

Wayne Caines, Minister of National Security (File photograph)

The Government has teamed up with an island promoter to produce an anti-violence talent show.

Wayne Caines, the Minister of National Security, said the show will give young Bermudians the chance to highlight their talent and create a “soundtrack of peace”.

Mr Caines said: “We wanted to tap into our young people’s creative energy, and I believe this is the perfect event to do just that.”

Young people will write and perform a song, rap or spoken-word piece with an anti-violence theme and compete for up to $5,000 in prizes.

Pink Sand Entertainment has partnered with the ministry for the “Live Love Life” show.

Mr Caines said the show would be a mixture of Showtime at the Apollo, American Idol and The Voice, but between performances the audience will hear real-life stories about the consequences of violence.

Mr Caines said: “We are determined to prevent our children from joining gangs and engaging in antisocial behaviour.

“This is our commitment to the people of Bermuda and we hope to have the community’s support as we work towards ensuring a safer Bermuda for all.”

Mr Caines described the event as “edutainment as part of a bigger plan”.

He said: “Don’t take this on its own. This, in tandem with other key opportunities, is the way we are going to allow our kids to be part of the healing process and to set the soundtrack to their life in Bermuda. This is an element and a start of our educational process, something that is ongoing.

“We also have something called Great [Gang Resistance Education And Training], and Great is a programme that goes into schools with the helping agencies, police and customs.”

Pastor Leroy Bean, gang violence reduction co-ordinator, said: “The concept of the competition is to display our young people’s talent in Bermuda.

“The objective is to see a multi-pronged approach that will empower our young people with the necessary tools to be successful, no matter what the challenges are.”

Jonathan Tankard of Pink Sand Entertainment added he was happy to help give young Bermudians an opportunity to shine.

The show will be held at the Ruth Seaton James Centre for the Performing Arts on Sunday, November 14.