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Burts attend breast cancer charity event

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David and Kristen Burt attend a Breast Cancer Awareness Month fundraiser (Photograph supplied)

Kristin Burt, the patron of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, shared a personal connection with the disease at a fundraiser on Tuesday night.

Mrs Burt, wife of the Premier, said: “My paternal grandmother passed away from breast cancer. My father was actually raised by his aunt, who is a breast cancer survivor.”

Mrs Burt was one of several speakers at the Girls’ Night In event, which was held at Pier 6 in Hamilton.

Money raised from the event will go towards the monthly target of $250,000.

The cash will be used to support charitable programmes such as the Equal Access Fund, which provides assistance for uninsured and underinsured people to get cancer screening and diagnostic services.

Mrs Burt, who also attended other events as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, said it was important to play an active part.

She explained: “I didn’t want to be very superficial in terms of my involvement.

“It was meaningful to me to be able to make a meaningful contribution, not just an appearance and a photo.”

Ms Burt said she was overwhelmed by the support shown for Girls’ Night In.

She added: “I didn’t imagine this many people would attend.“

Deborah Pitt, the event organiser, also said she was pleased by the turnout.

She added: “It’s wonderful. I’m totally overwhelmed.”

Ms Pitt said all entertainment for the event, which included live music, multiple caterers, drinks, hair and fashion shows and beauty treatments, was donated free of charge.

Mrs Burt added: “Everyone just said yes. Let me know what you need, we’ll do it.”

She said the Girls’ Night In was about raising awareness and celebrating survivors.

Mrs Burt added that a cancer diagnosis was “not a death sentence”.

She said: “There is hope that you can live and that you can thrive even with the diagnosis.”

David Burt, the premier, said the illness affected a lot of people, directly or indirectly.

He said: “We know there are many people in this country that are touched. It’s certainly something that is on the minds of many. I am pleased that so many people have responded to the call to come here and support this wonderful event.”

Mr Burt said stories of personal experiences played an important role in discussions about the disease.

He added: “You never know how your story might affect others.”

David and Kristen Burt attend a Breast Cancer Awareness Month fundraiser (Photograph supplied)