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Police: It’s no yolk

Egg patrol: Police will be out in forcel over Hallowe'en to prevent egg-throwing and other disorderly behaviour. (File photograph)

Police today warned that antisocial behaviour like egg throwing will not be tolerated at Hallowe’en.

Officers will be on patrol across the island to monitor the festivities to ensure public safety.

A police spokesman said: “Motorists are advised to slow down to help keep the roads calmer, particularly when travelling through neighbourhoods.

“We don’t want a tragedy to occur, as there will be lots of pedestrians on the roads, many of whom will be children dressed in dark coloured costumes.”

Police asked parents to keep their children “close by and safe” and recommended that people out on the streets wear reflective clothing.

The spokesman added: “The Bermuda Police Service is mindful that there are persons within our community who will use Hallowe’en as an opportunity to commit unlawful acts which may cause injury to persons or damage to property.

“Such acts include but are not limited to throwing eggs and other projectiles.

“We would like to take this opportunity to reassure the public that such behaviour will not be tolerated and officers will use all lawful powers to deter and detect antisocial behaviour.

“However, we cannot do this alone — working in partnership with you the community, the Bermuda Police Service asks that parents, shopkeepers and gas station owners be wary of persons, particularly those young in age, who attempt to purchase unusually large quantities of eggs.”