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Bermuda’s new police recruits

New police recruits parade

Bermuda’s newest police officers put their best foot forward at their passing out parade yesterday.

A total of 12 recruits joined the Bermuda Police Service as constables during the ceremony at the Prospect Police Headquarters.

Jah-Zico Douglas, who won the Baton of Honour for best trainee, said: “I did really well and I’m really proud.”

The 27-year-old from Pembroke added: “I always wanted to join as a kid. I joined as a cadet when I was 18.”

PC Douglas said his time as a cadet did not work out for personal reasons, but he persevered, took online courses in criminal justice and joined the Bermuda Reserve Police.

Now one semester away from obtaining his bachelor’s degree, he said he wanted to inspire others to follow in his footsteps.

PC Douglas, who also took home the Academic Award for the highest test score, added his success was in part due to a very good support system.

Teriann Smith, 24, the daughter of a police officer, said she also always wanted to join the service.

She said: “It’s been a long three months. I’m glad it’s done and I can’t wait to get out and interact with the community.”

The new officer from Devonshire, who won the sports award for best woman athlete, said she was nervous and excited about the parade.

Thomas Senior, who won the Deputy Commissioner’s Trophy for most noteworthy development, was also inspired to join the police by his father and said it seemed like a great opportunity.

The 30-year-old from Smith’s, who said the course was very intensive and challenging, added he felt proud to have reached the milestone and looked forward to progressing his career.

Kori Jackman, Nathan Lawrence, Gregory Stienlet, Jermari Belboda, Daischon Chin, George Edmead, Jonathan Flood, Tyler Simons and Zhane Virgil-Darrell also completed Recruit Foundation Course 78.

The sports award for best male athlete went to PC Chin and the Commissioner’s Shield was awarded to the Green Syndicate — PC Douglas, PC Jackman, PC Lawrence, PC Smith and PC Stienlet.

Inspector Charlene Thompson, head of the training centre, opened the ceremony and detailed what the training involved.

John Rankin, the Governor, presented the new officers with certificates.

Mr Rankin said the parade marked the beginning of their work and there would be more challenges ahead.

He added: “Your work as police officers will test you to your limits. But at all times you can take pride in what you are doing.”

Kathy Simmons, the Attorney-General, also congratulated the recruits on their achievements and Acting Commissioner of Police, Antoine Daniels, welcomed them into the “greatest profession in the world”.

Mr Daniels thanked the trainees “for not only having the courage to accept this key role as police officers but making a sacrifice and taking on this responsibility as guardians of public safety”.

He added: “Policing is a serious business and Bermuda is facing serious issues. You have not chosen the easiest option for a career.”

Mr Daniels said that they had chosen “a noble career that leads to a deeply enriching experience”.

He urged the new recruits to abide by the “golden rule” of treating those they are called to help “as you would like to be treated and give them the same protection you would give to your own family”.

He added: “Always remember to do what is right, even when no one is looking. Never forget that problems are more likely to occur when you look the other way and do nothing.”