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Dangerous driver caught on dashboard camera

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A dangerous driver caught on camera is to be brought to book, police promised yesterday.

Footage turned over to police showed a white Mazda pulling out from Southcote Road in Paget on to South Road without stopping, despite morning traffic.

The car was also caught overtaking a long line of vehicles outside the entrance to Bermuda College.

The driver was recorded yesterday by a member of the public with a dashboard camera in their car.

Inspector Robert Cardwell said he was disgusted at the standard of driving displayed. Mr Cardwell said: “I have never seen that level of dangerous driving.

“I have never seen that before. I have never witnessed it in person, and if someone tried to describe that to me, I wouldn’t understand it.

“That’s a real high level of dangerous driving. It’s absurd.”

But he added that the recording meant the driver would be ticketed for driving without due care and attention.

The recording was published on the Bermuda Police Service’s Road Policing Unit Twitter page yesterday afternoon. The video was watched more than 1,300 times inside three hours.

Mr Cardwell said public reaction to the footage was a good indicator of driving standards on the island’s roads.

He added: “The responses I’m getting are saying that this happens all of the time on the road.

“People are saying they’re glad we sent it and that we will be taking action, but this is something that happens everywhere.

“Police cannot be everywhere, so we would be happy if more people put these cameras in their car and send us footage of dangerous drivers.”

He added: “It’s disgusting, but it’s the type of driving we see every day on our roads.

“We will be tracking that driver down.

“That driver will be getting a ticket for driving without due care and attention.”

A still image from a dashboard camera recording sent to police