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‘Bigger and better’ Bermuda Day

Bermuda Day is to be expanded this year (Photograph supplied)

The Bermuda Day celebrations will be expanded over three days this year in a “renaissance” of the event, it was announced yesterday.

Lovitta Foggo, Acting Minister for Cultural Affairs, said: “What we hope to create is an entire Bermuda Day Weekend experience that all residents of Bermuda, both Bermudians and non-Bermudians, as well as our visitors, can participate in and enjoy.

“Bermuda has so much to celebrate as a people, from sporting heroes to cultural icons, from an enviable climate to picturesque beaches and landscape and we are arguably the friendliest people on earth.

“In 2018 we will begin to rebrand Bermuda Day to make it bigger and better and showcase new events and festivities that will engage the entire community.”

Bermuda Day will be celebrated on May 25, the last Friday in May. It will fall on Friday, May 31 next year.

Ms Foggo outlined some of the festivities scheduled to take place on May 25, 26 and 27.

She said that the theme this year, designed to tie into Heritage Month, is “What We Share”.

She added: “The theme embraces the notion that what we share is far more important than what divides us. We are famed for our hospitality, our community spirit following a hurricane and our generosity as a people.”

Ms Foggo highlighted categories for floats introduced in recent years including natural heritage floats, upcycled floats and art floats.

The application deadline for participants to enter is April 20.

The viewing stand for dignitaries this year will be at the Leopards Club on Hamilton’s Cedar Avenue.

Ms Foggo said it was “a historic venue for Bermuda.”

She added: “The Leopards Club had its roots in a very different Bermuda — a segregated Bermuda.

“And therefore I find it poignant that it now plays a prominent role in celebrating the diversity of our culture and also what we share as a people.”

Ms Foggo also encouraged island businesses to take part in the parade or sponsor a local sports team or non-profit organisation.