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Authority addresses smart meter fears

Meter map: The present distribution of Belco smart meters around Bermuda (Image supplied)

The Regulatory Authority has backed hi-tech smart meters installed by power firm Belco.

The authority said yesterday that the meters comply with safety standards set by the United States Federal Communications Commission.

The authority will carry out tests because of “public concern” this month to ensure that the meters used in Bermuda are in line with approved standards.

The devices are being installed by Belco as part of its modernisation plans.

About 2,700 meters are now in place at homes and businesses around the island.

The Royal Gazette reported this week that some people have challenged the move on the grounds that electronic emissions from the meters are harmful to health.

The authority confirmed yesterday that it had authorised the use of the radio frequency or RF bandwidth used for metering.

It added: “The smart meters use RF only to transmit data from the meters.

“The RF feature is not used to monitor electricity usage.

The smart meters used in Bermuda homes transmit meter data once every four hours, which equates to a total transmission time of less than one second per day.”

The Authority pledged to test the meters’ maximum permissible exposure standards this month and report on its findings.