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Daniels goes viral after ballet dancing

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Family man: Marc Daniels with daughters Suri, Giada and Isabella (Photograph provided)

Ballet-dancing lawyer Marc Daniels has become an internet sensation after he took to the stage to help his daughter over a bout of stage fright.

Big-hearted Mr Daniels tripped the light fantastic with an all-girl ballet troupe after his tiny daughter Isabella, aged 2, got scared during a rehearsal for a dance school show.

Mr Daniels has now hit the international limelight after footage of his Swan Lake-style dance moves was picked up by US-based viral video show Right This Minute.

Mr Daniels, still holding baby daughter Suri, seven months, joined Isabella and her sister Giada, 4, on stage and helped his daughter through her routine.

Mr Daniels stepped in on Tuesday night at a closed rehearsal for the In Motion dance school’s annual showcase after Che Barker, husband of In Motion owner Lizz Pimentel, alerted him to the onstage crisis.

Mr Daniels said: “I was holding my youngest daughter, Suri, while my wife was downstairs helping backstage. Suddenly, Che Barker came running up and said my daughter, Isabella, was having a little breakdown.

“She was crying and calling for Daddy. I went downstairs to see her, but they were just about to go on stage so there was not a lot of time to comfort her.

“When she got on stage she started to get a bit antsy, and Che told me go out there, so I went out there.

“Rather than just stand there, I watched the other girls, got into character and went along with it.”

Mr Daniels added: “I just wanted to make sure my daughter was calm and felt comfortable.

“Now I have people approach me saying I have gone viral.

“Some people have been doing pirouettes when they see me walking in town.”

Mr Daniels said he had no dance training and was only concerned about making his daughter feel at ease.

He said his wife messaged him the next day in court to tell him the video had spread like wildfire on Facebook.

Mr Daniels said: “When I saw it, I had a good chuckle. I thought maybe one day we will go on one of those TV shows in the US.

“Ironically, the following day I received an e-mail from a viral video show who wanted to do an interview with me.

“It has been awesome for the girls.”

Lizz Pimentel, In Motion owner and director, said Mr Daniels’ performance was one of a kind.

She said: “It was the highlight of the night. We love our In Motion family and their commitment, and that moment was so indicative of that.

“Although we have parents offstage sometimes consoling their nervous little ones, I don’t think anyone expected him to get out on stage.

“To top it off by joining in the dancing? Just amazing.”

Ms Pimentel added that if Mr Daniels ever tired of the law, he could have a future on stage.

She said the In Motion team were impressed by Mr Daniel’s dance skill and he was a “star”.

She added: “It’s moments like those that remind us of how magical and exciting theatre really is.

“Next year I’m sure he’ll be there for our dads and dudes annual ballet class to make sure his technique is perfect.”

The In Motion Annual Dance Showcase is at the Earl Cameron Theatre until June 9. Tickets available at ptix.bm.