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KFC donation to Red Cross

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KFC Supervisor Satender Yadav with Sheena William (Photograph supplied)

In celebration of Red Cross Month, KFC is pleased to announce that they raised $1,968 in support of Bermuda Red Cross after a successful fundraising initiative throughout the month of May. KFC customer Sheena William’s generosity paid off when she was selected to receive a $500 gift card courtesy of Gorham’s for participating in this fundraising campaign.

First Aid and CPR are some of Bermuda Red Cross’ most valuable services, so KFC wanted to give customers the opportunity to become certified. Throughout May, every KFC customer was given the opportunity to be included in KFC’s giveaways of First Aid/CPR courses from Bermuda Red Cross. One KFC customer was selected each week to receive a Red Cross First Aid/CPR course. Devina James, Damian Brewster, Andrew Bento, and Beverly Burchall were the recipients of vouchers for Red Cross First Aid/CPR training courses courtesy of KFC. If you know Devina, Damian, Andrew, or Beverly, keep them close – they might just save your life!

Ms. Suzanne DeCouto, Fundraising and Communications Manager at Bermuda Red Cross, said: “KFC and Bermuda Red Cross have partnered together in past years with the Halloween Voucher promotions, so we thank KFC for working with us once again to raise such a handsome amount. We’d also like to thank all of KFC’s customers for supporting us”.

Ms. Ginene Haslam, General Manager of KFC, says: “It wasn’t just about the fundraising; it was about giving back to the community as well. Our intention with the CPR/First Aid course draw was to give some people a chance to learn a valuable skill that might help friends and family”.

Press release from KFC and Red Cross

Suzanne DeCouto and Ginene Haslam(Photograph supplied)