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Smart meters pass safety test

Passes test: Michael Sinclair, Belco’s advanced metering infrastructure manager, with a smart meter (File photograph by Jonathan Bell)

High-tech electricity smart meters are safe, regulators have ruled.

The Regulatory Authority said tests show the devices produce emissions “significantly” lower than the accepted limit.

The news came after claims from campaign group Move Bermuda that meters’ “pulse” signals could be harmful.

Smart meters, also known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure, are used by Belco to measure the use of electricity through wireless technology instead of physical meter readings.

The Regulatory Authority carried out emissions testing using the recommended US Federal Communications Commission Office of Engineering method.

The authority said: “The test results show that smart meters used in Bermuda are considered safe for the general population.

“The emissions are significantly lower than the maximum allowable limit.”

Test results for both models of smart meter used by Belco were:

• Aclara/GE-I210+c: Emits 2.7 per cent of the maximum permissible exposure;

• ITRON Centron®: Emits 0.134 per cent of the allowable limit.

For the full test results and report, click on the PDF under “Related Media”