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Dismay as man throws trash overboard

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Environmental issue: revellers toss garbage into the water (Photograph supplied)

A video of revellers tossing garbage overboard at a raft-up in the West End on Sunday was condemned by an environmental watchdog yesterday.

Jonathan Starling, executive director of charity Greenrock, said that his main concern was that sea turtles could die as a result of mistaking plastic for food.

He added: “There would be concerns about the rubbish also affecting coral and even sea grass through wounding or covering them and spreading disease.

“Beyond that, there’s the public health concerns — who wants to swim in other people’s rubbish? It’s unsightly and damages the environment.”

The three-minute clip, shared on social media, showed a man on board motor yacht Sin Bin dumping bags of trash overboard in Mangrove Bay, despite shouts of disapproval from people on nearby boats.

A spokesman for the Bermuda Turtle Project said the behaviour showed “a lack of awareness”.

He added: “We’re all for people having fun, but the more garbage that goes in the ocean, the more challenges there are for animals and the marine environment.”

The spokesman said the risk to sea turtles from eating plastic included “blocking their gastrointestinal tract, which is a horrible way to die”.

He added: “It is always much better for people to take their garbage away with them.”

The operators of the vessel could not be contacted for comment.