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Bean first guest on new radio show

Former Opposition Leader: Marc Bean of the Progressive Labour Party (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

A new internet radio talk show will start with a bang with an interview with former Progressive Labour Party leader Marc Bean.

Jamel Hardtman, host and founder of The Full 100 online station, said: “Marc Bean has been out of the spotlight since his resignation and, to be quite honest, the people of Bermuda wanted to hear from him.”

He added: “The conversation with Mr Bean covers a range of issues including, but not limited to, his health, his thoughts on the Government, entrepreneurship and fintech. My hope is that after hearing the show, people will feel inspired to take better care of their health, hold the Government accountable and find ways to create their own wealth.”

Mr Hardtman said although the first episode, which is scheduled for broadcast at 9am on Monday, will feature a former politician, the goal of the show is to discuss a wide range of problems affecting the island.

He said: “We already have other shows, which speak to sexual abuse in local football. The conversation I had with the father of a young lady who died of suicide a couple of years ago will be aired on Suicide Awareness Day on September 10.

“I’ve also had conversations with David Chapman about wealth building and a Bermudian in a same-sex union living outside of Bermuda speaking about her loving marriage.”

Mr Hardtman launched the station after he was made redundant from the Bermuda Tourism Authority and endured the death of his young son.

He said: “Instead of waiting around for someone to give me a job, I created an opportunity for myself by focusing on what I loved to do, which is radio.

“Along with a couple of partners, we developed a plan to provide a platform we felt has been missing, as a couple of terrestrial radio stations have either closed down or changed formats.”