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Throne Speech: praise for plastic plan

The Bermuda National Trust supports government efforts to eliminate single use plastic.

The Bermuda National Trust has welcomed government’s Throne Speech promise to eliminate single-use plastic in Bermuda by 2022.

Bill Zuill, executive director for the BNT, said: “The impact of plastics on the oceans surrounding Bermuda and on our shores is well documented and it is incumbent on all communities, large and small, to play a part in reducing their use.

“We note also that the manufacture and transport of single use plastic items such as bags, bottles and straws contribute to the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, the primary cause of climate change.”

Mr Zuill said he agreed with the statement in the speech highlighting that the impact of climate change requires action at both the national and international level and that we must all play our part.

The BNT welcomed the government’s pledge to educate the community about recycling and reusable items.

He added: “As a leading advocate for the environment since 1970, the Bermuda National Trust pledges to do what it can to support this initiative.”