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Boy who sings hits the right note

Bermudian musician: Rafi Fuentes

A Bermudian musician has performed his latest EP at fundraisers in New York and Europe.

Rafi Fuentes sang songs from The Boy Who Sings at a fundraiser for a seniors’ charity he organised in New York.

The singer-songwriter travelled to Torun in Poland four days later and performed at a gala to help the homeless.

Mr Fuentes said: “It was a tremendous journey. I thought I would have been more nervous but I felt really connected with the audience and my music.

“It was really a great push for me to just jump in and get my music out there.”

He performed both original songs and cover versions at the Polish gala. Mr Fuentes said: “It felt like a dream the whole time I was there.”

Mr Fuentes’s Electric Pumpkin Festival fundraiser was held at the Producers’ Club theatre in Manhattan on October 15.

He and six other musicians raised $300 for the charity Sing For Your Seniors.

Mr Fuentes said that the event was “small and intimate, and had a cool ambience. Some people even brought their own pumpkins.”

The idea for the Electric Pumpkin Festival was inspired by his grandmother, who died in 2016.

Mr Fuentes, 32, decided to organise the fundraiser after he visited her grave in Texas a year after she died.

He said: “I remembered seeing these big pumpkins and thinking ‘why don’t we take a couple of pumpkins for her?’.

“After that I always thought it’d be cool to have something for her every fall.”

Mr Fuentes, from Devonshire, has lived in the US since he left high school.

The EP’s six songs were all inspired by his personal relationships.

He said: “I’m constantly writing — every day I write at least two or three songs and once it comes to me, I either write it down or I’ll go on my keyboard and just improvise something.

“It’s very therapeutic for me because I love to express myself and it gives me motivation to take these things that have happened to me and recreate them into art.”

He added that The Boy Who Sings reflected his musical interests and included pop, electronic music and indie rock.

Mr Fuentes, who has a background in theatre as an actor, said the influence of the stage showed in his music and that audiences related to that.

He added: “Theatre’s very contemporary nowadays and, in general, I feel like music’s very malleable, which is what I really love.”

Mr Fuentes said that post-production work on the EP was almost done. He will also be featured in the Manhattan magazine, West 42nd Street.

The Boy Who Sings will be released in February and will be made available for pre-order on November 30.