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Wingate to speak on invasive species

David Wingate

The Bermuda Zoological Society is offering a garden management workshop including talks presented by conservationist David Wingate.

The workshop, covering the problem of invasive species in Bermuda, runs tomorrow, Thursday and Saturday.

A BZS spokeswoman said: “The problem can be managed, reduced, and even turned around, with a careful and well-thought out landscape management approach.”

She said a better approach would result in less work directed at managing invasive plants and result in “a happier landowner, less money wasted on repeated, fruitless effort and a better Bermuda”.

Dr Wingate has more than 40 years of landscape management experience. He restored Nonsuch Island and has managed many reserves in Bermuda.

His long-term experiments in woodland management show promise for wider application in both parks and privately owned lands.

He will share his experience and offer guidance on tools and techniques to make the work more efficient.

The workshop costs $40 and includes two evenings of lectures and a weekend field trip.

Tuesday and Thursday’s sessions begin at 7pm at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

There will be a field trip on Saturday with the location to be confirmed.

To sign up follow this link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0a4ba8aa2ca1fc1-agarden

Any further questions can be directed to Lisa Green at elgreenebda@icloud.com or call (441) 297-1804.