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Easter message: Masjid Ouba Mosque

Imam Ashmead Ali of Masjid Quba Mosque

Muslims do not believe that Jesus (peace be on him) was the son of God or God the son, nor that he was crucified, but that he is a mighty messenger and prophet sent by the creator of the heavens and earth to give true guidance to his people. Therein lies the major difference in our religions.

However, our religion teaches us that we must not disparage their religion or faith in any way and that there is no compulsion in religion.

Indeed, the Koran advises that the creator has honoured all the children of Adam so we have an obligation to follow that precept, to treat their belief with respect. The Christians are called “The People of the Book” in the Koran. This indicates that they have had true guidance from the many prophets sent by the creator.

If only all of humanity would follow the guidance of submission, decency and respect, the world will become a much better place in which to live.

As the Christians celebrate their Easter weekend, we remind ourselves that we are all the children of God and brothers in humanity and wish them a joyous occasion.