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New pothole policy in Hamilton

The City of Hamilton announces that it has adopted a policy to ensure that potholes in the City are tended to in a timely fashion to minimize any detrimental impact they may have for motorists as well as pedestrians. The public are encouraged to contact the City when they discover a pothole in Hamilton. All reports of potholes will be investigated and repair work will be based on their degree of erosion and danger to the public.

City Engineer, Patrick Cooper, said of the policy, “With no identifiable rainy season in Bermuda, we can experience droughts as well as days of heavy rain at any time of the year. When we experience heavy ‘tank’ rain, reminiscent of what we had over this past weekend, the opportunity for potholes increases. The City urges anyone who sees a pothole to contact the City as soon as possible so that we can send a crew out to investigate its severity. All potholes will be repaired within 48 hours with severe ones receiving immediate attention.”

To report a pothole to the City of Hamilton, please send an email to the General Superintendent, Duane Crockwell, at dcrockwell@cityhall.bm or call 292-1234, ext. 225.

Press release from the City of Hamilton