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Teenagers graduate from Mirrors

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Graduates from the Mirrors Community Programme (Photograph supplied)

Teenagers underwent eight months of coaching as part of a programme to transform their lives.

A total of 32 people, aged between 14 and 18, graduated from the Mirrors Community Programme at Dellwood Middle School on Saturday.

Their work began with a six-day camp last October to inspire them to create immediate shifts in their behaviour and approach to school and life.

It ended after a sustained programme of coaching and experiential learning.

Kathy Lynn Simmons, the Attorney-General, said to the graduates: “Congratulations and remember your journey doesn’t end here.

“Continue to live the eight Keys of Excellence: integrity: match behaviour and values; failure leads to success: learn from mistakes; speak with good purpose: speak honestly and kindly; this is it: make the most of every moment; commitment: make your dreams happen; responsibility: take responsibility for actions; flexibility: be willing to do things differently; and balance: live your best life!”

She said to parents: “It takes boldness to accept support from people you’ve never met or don’t know well and allow them the space to be a contribution to your family.”

Programme manager Kimberley Jackson said: “To parents, volunteers, and students, I say thank you, thank you for taking this on. This is truly a community programme.

“To the young people, I am pleased with your results and I charge you to take what you have learnt and live your best life.”

For more information on the Mirrors Programme, call 294-9291 or e-mail mirrors@gov.bm

Photograph supplied