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Carnival revellers take to the streets

Happy time: bright costumes were worn by the revellers who took part in the Bermuda Carnival Parade of Bands and Last Lap (Photograph by Akil Simmons).

Streets came alive with music and colour today as the Bermuda Carnival Parade of Bands made its way through Hamilton.

A packed weekend of events culminated with the spectacle, which saw revellers dressed in ornate costumes brave the heat alongside Party People, Nova Mas and Code Red before the crowds gathered to enjoy entertainment at City Hall car park in the Last Lap.

Denise Wilson-Adams, 52, watched the parade with friends and thought the new location, after the event moved from Southside, was “amazing”.

The senior accounts administrator, of Devonshire, said: “It’s a different kind of routine this year than it has been in previous years.”

She added: “With this format you get to see it differently, it’s more spaced out.”

Beverley Richardson, 56, enjoyed the energy, colours and “wide variety” of people who took part. She added: “I love soca.”

Karthika Griffith, of Warwick, took part in the parade and was joined by friends from the US and the UK after the group met on the “carnival circuit”.

The 32-year-old accountant said: “I love the fact that it brings people to the island.

“I love the fact that it’s a happy time in general, all the negativity gets pushed to the side and people are having a good time, there are positive vibes.”

Ms Griffith’s friend Vicky Gunraj, 29, of Miami, was at her sixth carnival in a row, after taking part in festivities in Jamaica, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Guyana and Trinidad.

The policewoman said it was her third year at the Bermuda Carnival. She added: “I love Bermuda. It’s safe, it’s clean.”

The pair were joined by Vanisha Somauroo, a hospital manager from London, who said it took her about two months to design costumes for the group.

Yuri Aldrich, a 34-year-old lawyer from New York, said the carnival allowed people from a range of backgrounds to come together and express themselves.

She explained: “Everybody has different jobs but we come here and wear something completely different than we normally do.

“People are able to enjoy it and embrace it and they appreciate the culture of it.”

Bernie Mack, 53, of Devonshire, soaked up the atmosphere with family and friends.

The carpenter added: “I like looking at the beauty of the costumes and I like all the bands.”