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Bermuda formalises links to outer space

The Ministry of Home Affairs has launched a space and satellite website (Image taken from www.space.gov.bm).

An online hub to help develop Bermuda’s links to outer space has been launched by the Government.

The Ministry of Home Affairs introduced the website to provide information and support to organisations that consider the island as a host for their satellite-tracking stations.

Walter Roban, the home affairs minister, said: “Bermuda is ideally positioned for those needing to monitor space launches over the Atlantic Ocean.

“The Government of Bermuda has a streamlined process in place for authorising earth stations and is in the process of finalising regulations to ensure earth stations deployed on the island are subject to the minimum amount of regulation necessary, while ensuring they can appropriately interface with other systems and services, including international registration, if needed.

“Also, Bermuda’s LLC legislation provides entrepreneurs greater flexibility when establishing new businesses.”

The ministry said the website — www.space.gov.bm — will be the official hub of Bermuda’s Space and Satellite Administration and “provide a supportive environment where space and satellite operations can grow and flourish”.

It will help with “secure, reliable and efficient satellite filing administration services”, authorising earth stations, and building the right legislative framework for space and satellite-related business.

The ministry said Bermuda has established regulatory procedures to authorise satellite networks and filing them with the International Telecommunication Union.

It negotiated an extension of Britain’s Outer Space Act, allowing companies in Bermuda to be licensed by the Governor to operate outer-space activities in line with international agreements.

The ministry added: “The website also lists the requirements for filing a satellite network through Bermuda and provides information on the Bermuda Space and Satellite Policy Advisory Group, which was established in June 2018 to provide advice on the development of the space and satellite industries in Bermuda, and to serve as a vehicle for guiding Bermuda’s advocacy efforts on behalf of the satellite industry in international policy matters.”