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Ehsan appeal on way to hitting target

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Lively lad: Ehsan Smith Perinchief needs special equipment to help him stand and walk

A GoFundMe drive set up to raise money to buy equipment for a child with cerebral palsy has almost hit its target.

More than $12,000 of the $13,000 target had been donated to the crowdfunding campaign by last night for Ehsan Smith Perinchief, who is almost two and has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, a condition that limits the movement of his arms and legs.

His parents set up the crowdfunding page to raise more than $13,000 to buy equipment to help their son, including a stand frame, a walker and adaptive stroller.

A fundraising fun day is also to be held at Warwick Workmen’s Club on July 13.

Alyssa Smith, Ehsan’s mother, said on behalf of her and Ehsan’s father, Arrim Perinchief, that the family had been “blessed”.

The lion’s share of the donated money — $9,000 — was pledged by a single anonymous donor. Ms Smith said she had no idea who the Good Samaritan was.

But she added: “We are thankful for them and wish them many blessings in return.

“You are appreciated more than any group of words can express.”

Ms Smith said all donations — large and small — “mean the world” to the family.

She added: “It is because of our community that Ehsan will have access to the best equipment.”

Ms Smith said: “Whether it be financial, words of encouragement, or prayers, it all means the world to us and most definitely Ehsan.

“We have a long road ahead of us, just as many others with disabilities do on the island.

“So just being in people’s thoughts goes a long way.

“I just hope that the attention his story gets opens people’s eyes to some of the struggles many of those living with disabilities in Bermuda go through.”

Ms Smith said the family had just returned from Boston, where Ehsan had been measured for all his equipment.

Spastic quadriplegia CP was diagnosed searlier this year.

Ms Smith suspected something was wrong when Ehsan’s development was not going at the rate expected for his age.

Ehsan, who weighed only 3lbs 15oz at birth, also had intrauterine growth restriction diagnosed, where a child does not grow at the normal rate in the womb, and an underactive thyroid gland.

Donations to the GoFundMe campaign can be made at gofundme.com/f/zswb2n-all-for-e.

For information on the fun day, e-mail adawnn8@gmail.com

Lively lad: Ehsan Smith Perinchief needs special equipment to help him stand and walk