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Future Leaders unveiled

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David Burt, the Premier, speaks about the Future Leaders Bermuda Programme at the Cabinet Office today (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

The latest cohort of pupils to take part in a summer leadership scheme were announced at a press conference today.

Twenty-five pupils will participate in this year’s instalment of the Future Leaders programme — the largest group so far.

Pupils taking part in three-week course at the Berkeley Institute will explore social challenges in Bermuda through study, hands-on education, and community service.

It is taught by public schoolteachers and community mentors.

Ryan Robinson Perinchief, the director of the youth programme, said that it has achieved “remarkable success” since it was first introduced two years ago.

Mr Perinchief said that the theme of this year’s programme was Dare to Invent the Future.

He added: “As we dare to invent the future and encourage our young people to find innovative and creative solutions to the problems of today, as well as tomorrow’s, students will continue to serve their local community by partnering with grass roots organisations, meet with top Government, business and non-profit leaders, and build long-lasting relationships with their peers as they examine pressing social problems and promising solutions throughout Bermuda and the world at large.”

Mr Perinchief “applauded the commitment” of the 25 pupils taking part in this year’s programme.

He said: “We have every confidence that these dedicated and courageous students will go on to have a meaningful and lasting effect on their peers.”

Saltus pupil Ywione Darrell, 16, said he had first learnt about Future Leaders via Instagram.

He described the programme as “designed to inform, inspire and promote our youth to be Bermuda’s next generation of CEOs, activists and politicians”.

He described the opportunity as “fantastic”.

Ywione added: “Sometimes, we have far too little access to these key pillars of our development.”

David Burt said the experience would provide participants “with the skills they need to make a positive impact in Bermuda and the world today”.

The Premier said the pupils were to be congratulated for their commitment to the programme.

Mr Burt encouraged the participants to “tap into the knowledge and wisdom” shared with them through the experience.

He added: “Indulge your curiosity, ask lots of questions, take advantage of all the resources and the coaching that you will receive.

“Overall, you will be in a better position to take charge of your future and the future of Bermuda.”

Mr Burt said that $25,000 from Government had been allocated to the youth programme.

The participants in this year’s programme are:

Moriah Bridgewater, 13, Dellwood Middle School

Vincent Darrell, 14, Saltus Grammar School

Ywione Darrell, 16, Saltus Grammar School

Austin Dowling, 14, Saltus Grammar School

Ryan Fleming, 14, Eagle Hill Boarding School

Zy-Asia Forbes, 15, CedarBridge Academy

Shazaria Francis-Brown, 12, TN Tatem Middle School

Nathan Furbert, 15, Berkeley Institute

Mya Furbert-Jacobs, 15, Berkeley Institute

Yukia Hall, 15, CedarBridge Academy

Alaiyah Hayward, 14, Warwick Academy

Nije’ Hypolite, 16, Kingsway College

Ezequiel Jimenez, 16, CedarBridge Academy

Roneeyah Jones, 16, Berkeley Institute

Chloe Morton, 13, Sandys Secondary Middle School

Kanye’ Raynor-Simmons, 15, Berkeley Institute

Ajani Richardson, 14, Warwick Academy

Jannis Roberts, 13, Somersfield Academy

Malay Robinson, 16, Berkeley Institute

Rio Russell, 15, Langley School

Cairo Simmons, 14, Bermuda Institute

Vashti Smith, 16, Care Learning Centre

Sekai Tatem, 14, Berkeley Institute

Madison Thompson, 17, Bermuda High School

Taliah Trott, 17, Berkeley Institute

Future Leaders are unveiled at the Cabinet Office today (Photograph by Akil Simmons)
Future Leaders are unveiled at the Cabinet Office today(Photograph by Akil Simmons)