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Hospitals included in no-fly drone zones

No fly zones for zones have been extended to include the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute and the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (Image supplied)

Hospitals have joined the list of places off-limits to drones from today.

The Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority made areas around the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in Paget and the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute in Devonshire no-fly zones for confidentiality, safety and security reasons.

Anyone who breaks the rules, which are in line with the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order, can be fined up to $4,000.

Peter Adhemar, the BCAA director of operations, said: “The King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute join the existing no-fly zones for small unmanned aircraft, which include L.F Wade International Airport, Westgate and Prospect police headquarters.

“These additions are a continuation of our approach to tackling safety and security challenges regarding drones in the local airspace.

“If anyone has a question about the rules and regulations of flying a drone privately or commercially in Bermuda they should refer to the guidelines on BCAA’s website, or reach out to our team.”

The restrictions also apply to microlights, gliders, airships and balloons.

More information and graphics are available on the BCAA website at www.bcaa.bm.