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Delivering goods and vital supplies

Valuable service: ZipX courier staff continue to deliver the essential goods to help keep us safe (Photograph supplied)

Couriers firms have kept up the flow of essential items during the shelter-in-place measures imposed to combat the pandemic.Kevin Smith, the managing director at International Bonded Couriers and ZipX, said the company was still on the job despite being reduced to half staff.Mr Smith said essentials included masks, gloves, medical equipment, cleaning materials and computer equipment.He added: “We are seeing so many companies working from home and students doing schoolwork at home, that they need computer supplies as well.” Mr Smith said the skeleton staff at the Hamilton firm was “doing the best we can — and we are more cautious than ever”.He added that administrative tasks, including payment, were organised before deliveries went ahead to maintain strict rules against close contact.Mr Smith said: “All our drivers are doing is leaving the package at the door, walking away, and telling the customers they have their package — there is no personal contact.“We are taking all precautions — masks, gloves and hand sanitiser. We’re also disinfecting the vans on a daily basis.”All business is now handled on a remote basis.Mr Smith said that 90 per cent of goods came from the United States and that cargo planes continued to arrive on weekdays.Non-essential deliveries were suspended at the start of the 24-hour shelter-in-place regulations on Saturday.