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Police urge people to use 211 number

Police officers have been tied up dealing with non-urgent matters because a growing number of people have called the main police line to report and seek information.

A Bermuda Police Service spokesman said: “We wish to remind the public of the other means of contacting the BPS for information and making reports that are not of a serious or emergency nature.”

The BPS reissued the following statement about the 211 number which was introduced earlier this year:

In order to provide faster and more efficient service to the community, the Bermuda Police Service is implementing a new reporting hotline, “211”.

The new “211” number is meant to be used when contacting us for non-emergency situations.

These include but are not limited to:

• Reporting a crime/issue that does not require an immediate emergency response

• You need to report a situation/crime but you or someone else are not in immediate danger.

• You wish to speak with your Parish Constable.

• You wish to provide information about a crime.

The introduction of the “211” number is also meant to avoid members of the public calling “911” for non-emergency calls.

The “911” number will remain in effect, but as is currently the case, it is to be used only in case of an emergency.

The BPS has also introduced a new Community Reporting Portal, https://portal.police.bm

The BPS Community Reporting Portal is now live and allows the public to report minor crimes or incidents and make police complaints online via a secure efficient and convenient website.

• Damage to Property

• Burglary

• Theft of Property

• Annoying or Harassing Phone Calls

• Anti-social Behaviour

• Stolen Vehicle

• Drink Driving

• Drug Dealing or Drug Use

• Lost Property

• Fraud,

• Cybercrime

• Stalking

Again, in order to access the Community Reporting Portal, members of the public should visit, https://portal.police.bm

The portal is not a replacement of the ability for members of the public to report minor crimes or incidents in person or by telephone. However, it is a secure, quick and convenient way of making police reports from the comfort and privacy of the home or otherwise.

The use of police online reporting is pervasive throughout the modern world and the BPS recognizes the role of smart technology in the dynamic needs of the Bermuda community.

The portal has been developed and implemented by the Technology Services Department of the BPS.

We urge the public to use the new “211”number and the online reporting portal for the purposes intended and help your Bermuda Police Service to serve you even better as we partner to make Bermuda safer.