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Readers’ questions

Since the novel coronavirus touched down in Bermuda, our readers have been flooding the comments sections with questions that you feel need to be asked of our government leaders and health authorities.We hear you, we represent you and we accept that at times you are left with more questions than answers.So, starting today, The Royal Gazette invites our readers to submit questions related to Covid-19 that you would like to be asked at government press conferences and elsewhere.Questions are to be submitted in this comments thread on The Royal Gazette website only and will be hand-picked at the Editor’s discretion. Not only will we endeavour to present at least one of these questions at subsequent press conferences, identifying them as “Readers’ Questions”, but the questions and responses will be published in the next day’s edition. Thank you.Dexter Smith, EditorThe comments thread has been closed to allow us to work through the many questions and choose what may be asked in future press conferences. The four-question limit imposed by the Government has not helped. Thanks very much for your participation.