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Road closures: what you really need to know

If you didn’t already know there’s a little road race happening on Monday, and it’s going to cause some delays on the Island’s roads.

From 8.30am the following roads will be closed to traffic until at least 12pm: York Street – Mullet Bay Road, Kindley Field Road, The Causeway, Blue Hole Hill, North Shore Road (Hamilton Parish), Middle Road (Smith’s and Devonshire Parishes), Cavendish Road, Lane Hill, East Broadway, Front Street, Queen Street, Church Street, King Street, Victoria Street, Cedar Avenue, Marsh Folly Road, Dutton Avenue.

Police have also advised that:

• No traffic will be allowed to travel in either direction during the cycle race

• No traffic will be allowed to travel in the opposite direction to the marathon runners

For people intending to enter or exit the City of Hamilton, the following procedure will be in place; motorised traffic will be allowed to cross over/through the race route at the following junctions only:

• Middle Road /Harrington Sound Road (Flatts) to North Shore Road (entry and exit to City of Hamilton).

• Tee Street/Middle Road to Orange Valley Road (entry into City of Hamilton only).

The road closures don’t stop once the race does, the Heritage Day parade kicks in at 1.30pm.

Because of that, police have said that the majority of the roads in Hamilton will be closed between 8.45am and 8.30pm on Monday.

There will be no parking in the city between 10pm Sunday and 10pm Monday, and police have said that they will not open roads to allow cars parked within the city before that time to leave.

Also, if you’re planning on leaving the Island on one of Monday’s early flights, police are advising travellers to make sure they are at the airport no later than 8am.