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Madeiros and Bell serve up a treat

Photograph by Blaire SimmonsReach for it: Eric Haller, right, goes on the attack at Horseshoe Bay

Richard Madeiros and Mark Bell came out on top in the men’s pairs division in the Coppertone Beach Volleyball at Horseshoe Bay at the weekend.

Bermudians Madeiros and Bell, whose team was called Bump, Set and Psych, defeated The Avengers, whose players were Bermudian Wes Toavs and South Africa’s Nicolas Pilanthos, by a score of 25-20. More than a hundred spectators watched the match.

In the men’s fours division, Cootas, a team made of Bermudian Mark Hamilton and his sons Kyle and Kieran, as well as Cypraein Zimeki, of Poland, beat Kiss My Pass, whose team included Kevin Ronaldson, of England, Bermuda volleyball coach Bill Bucci and Scott Shannon of Canada.

The women’s pairs division was won by Serves You Right, made up Caroline Szmierek and Canada’s Melissa Judd. They beat Bermuda’s Lisa LeBlanc and Stacey Dorush of Canada.

In the women’s fours division, Smack That, whose team included Canadian Bermuda player Alana Rathbun, Belgium Carole Collard, Teresa Gallant and Lynette Powell both from Canada.

They beat Safe Sets, with players Jill Cowen of Canada and Bermuda’s Sandra Madeiros. The event raised $3,800 which will be donated to the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre.

“We love playing volleyball,” Ariel Mierzejewski, the Bermuda Volleyball co-president, said. “But make no mistake, the Bermuda Volleyball Association is a charity organisation and we’re thrilled to present this donation to the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre.”