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Warner chosen for top camp

Serving up a treat: Antonio Warner, one of the island’s most promising players, has been selected to attend a 12 and under training camp in the Dominican Republic next week as a reward for his strong performances this year(Photograph by Michael Wolfe)

Bermuda’s Antonio Warner has been chosen to attend a 12 and under International Tennis Federation/Central American and Caribbean Tennis Confederation training camp in the Dominican Republic next week.

The ITF selected Warner based on his performances over the past 12 months, which include ITF and Cotecc organised events, 12 and under invitational tournaments, and by the observation of the ITF development officer. The camp will run from Monday to next Friday.

Warner will receive first-class coaching from Gustavo Granitto, considered to be one of the worldwide leading experts in junior development and high performance. Assisting Granitto will be ITF development officer Cecilia Ancalmo.

Michael Wolfe, the Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association president, said: “Warner was selected directly by the ITF.

“We received a letter from the executive director advising that Warner had been selected. We are excited that our work with the ITF is providing this opportunity that would otherwise not be available to our juniors.

“It’s also important to note that these opportunities are only available to players who are representing their country in any of the ITF/Cotecc team events.”

Ricky Mallory, the national tennis director, said: “Not only is this a great opportunity for Warner, but also for Gavin Manders, who the BLTA have assigned to travel with Warner to Dominican Republic. Gavin will work alongside Gustavo Granitto and will be exposed to advanced training concepts that he will learn and bring back home with him.”